Baby steps to incorporate company in DR of Congo

14 business days to incorporate a company:

Step 01

  1. Authentication of articles of incorporation;
  2. Registration of article of incorporation to the Registre de Commerce et Credit Mobilier (‘’RCCM’’) office;
  3. Issuance of National Identification Number;
  4. Issuance of CNSS (national social security number), ONEM (national employment number), INPP              (national institute of professional preparation number);
  5. Issuance of tax identification number;
  6. issuance of Environmental certificate (depending on the type of business)


Step 02

Documents required to incorporate a company:

  • Identity of shareholder (s):

 For the legal entity person: copy of articles of incorporation of the New Company and the deed appointing the     person     in charge to act on behalf the New Company.

  • Copy of manager(s) or promotor (s) passport (s) or IDs;
  • Specimen of signature of manager(s) or promotor (s) who will act on behalf of the New Company;
  • Police clearance record or honor declaration

    Important information to mention when drafting of Article of Incorporation

  • Name of the New Company;
  • Names and addresses of the shareholders and persons responsible to act on its behalf;
  • ID or passport of the persons who acts on behalf of the New company
  • Address of headquarter (if the New Company does not have a head office in the DRC, attorney may provide his address as headquarter;
  • Social object (the Client should advise attorney)
  • Amount of capital and shares;
  • Management methods (if you request a specific method).

Other Information

  • The minimum amount of the share capital is set up freely by the shareholders for Limited Liability company (SARL) and Simplified Joint stock company (SAS). The amount of capital will enable us to open a bank account for the New company;
  • Attorney may require a power of attorney if the client is not physically present for the incorporation to open a bank account (mostly, it is USD 1,000 as deposit to the New Company bank account, this amount remains the New Company’s money);
  • Some banks require power of attorney notarized in the country of origin of the person acting on behalf of the company (promotor).

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